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February 2012
Club Display Shows Unique Ideas for Holiday Tables
The club outdid themselves with this years stage display. Called "Decorating for the Holidays with Depression Era Glass" each member decorated a table for a specific holiday and combined various colors and patterns of glass in a unique and creative way. Our hope is it will give our shoppers interesting ideas for their own Holiday entertaining. Here are photos of the Hanukah table, Christmas table, Valentine's Day table, Thanksgiving table, and St. Patty's Day table.

hanukah tablexmas tablevalentines tablethanksgiving table

st pattys table
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August 2011
The club made a food delivery to the Salvation Army Food Panry. The need for food is always greater in the summer months with the kids home from school. We wound up with quite a lot of member donations as well as the monthly contribution from Hollywood Antiques and Collectables Club which was enhanced by the Elegant Raffle run by Dick Lehman.

food donation


February 2011
Totally FAB club display at this years Glass Show!
The Club's Annual Show was made even more fun this year with a group effort on a fabulous educational display up on the stage for all to enjoy. Titled "Decorating with Depression Era Glass in Your Home" the diplay stressed that using the glassware found at our show is not only environmentally friendly by recycling great designs from the past and reusing them in a modern way, but it's a great way to add your own individual style to your home. Three rooms were highlighted as an example. The kitchen, dining room, and living area. We hoped it would inspire people to purchase a few unique pieces for their home or start a collection! Many thanks to Joe Mackiewicz and his team–Nancy Armstrong, Erin Bailey, Amy Boches, Val and Leo Carrier, Fay Longo, and Pam Smith who put this striking display together using glass donated by many club members. Here are some photos.

display 2011display 2011display 2011display crew 2011
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October 2010
The South Florida Depression Glass Club has a display booth at the Hallendale Beach Public Library, 300 S Federal Highway (Route 1) Hallendale Beach 33009. The library is directly across from the Hallendale Race Track. Many thanks to Sue Rappoli and Harry and Pam Pellish for their hard work on this project.