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Heisey Plantation - Barbara Bartlett
Barbara's mother and family were Heisey Glass dealers from the Newark, Ohio area where the Heisey factory was located.Barbara focused her talk on just one Heisey line "Plantation" and brought a large number of items to display including some very rare pieces from the line.The line was produced from 1948 to 1957 and was produced in crystal only. It was a very successful line for the company and is avidly collected now. The inspiration for the line is the pineapple, a South American fruit, which became a symbol of hospitality in Colonial America. The line was designed by a local artist named King who was hired by Heisey owner Clarance Heisey in an effort to bring in more modern designs to the company. There are 99 pieces in the line including lids. All pieces are decorated with pineapples in some form.

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Commercial Perfumes- Penny Dolnick
Penny's talk on perfume bottles focused on the diffferences between scent bottles, commercial bottles, minis and factices.She brought a great selection of bottles which included American, French, English, and Czech designs. We were entertained with stories about her years of collecting and about the perfume collector's club and their yearly convention and auction.

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MAY 2011

Westmoreland Glass: Colors in the Later Years- Lynda Randolph
Lynda gave an interesting and colorful presentation on the colors of the later years of the Westmoreland Glass Co. using the Doric pattern. There were bowls, candleholders, and Robin's on Nests displayed in matching colors.

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APRIL 2011

Fire-King Green Glass- John Fiore
John provided a great display and wide assortment of Fire-King green glass made by Anchor Hocking. He reviewed the history of Fire-King with a handout that showed the company's purchases, acquisitions, and mergers since forming in 1873! He discussed the different shapes, patterns and some look a-like pieces all made mostly from 1930 to 1960.

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MARCH 2011

Fan Vases - Nancy and Bill Armstrong
Nancy and Bill set up a fabulous display of their fan vase collection showing the club a nice selection of sizes, colors, shapes, materials, and makers.

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